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Hickory FlatAttendance Center


Student Ballgame Admission Information

Student tickets for home athletic games. 
We will start selling student tickets for sports activities. They are $3 if purchased at school or regular price $5 at the door of the game. Please see below 
for more information….

• All students Kindergarten through 12th grade are able to purchase a student ticket for all home ballgames (all sports) the day of the game ONLY. 
• ONLY students at Hickory Flat may use a student ticket, no adults or students from another school. Adults and non HF students will not be allowed into the game using a student ticket, they must pay full price at the door. 
• Tickets will be on sale the morning of the game ONLY! Teachers will collect money from K through 6th grade students when they arrive to school and a coach will come to the classroom to collect the money and give out the tickets. The student will bring the ticket home to use at the game that night. No tickets 
will be sold after 10am.
• Students in grades 7-12 can purchase student tickets at break (9:43-10:03) the day of the game. No tickets will be sold after 10am. 2nd block votech students can purchase tickets before they leave at 9:45
• Tickets are dated and have the specific game information on them; they can only be used for that game.
• Student tickets are nonrefundable. We are not responsible for any lost or misplaced tickets during the school day by students.
• Athletes have to pay to enter a game unless the sport they are involved in is playing. For example: Johnny is a junior high football player, Johnny can only get in free to junior high or high school football games, he must pay to attend a game for any other sport. Pee Wee football players do NOT get in free; they must pay to enter all games.Saturday Morning Basketball/After School basketball do NOT get in free, they must pay to enter to every game. 
• You can keep up with all athletic schedules on the school under schools choose Hickory Flat Attendance Center.