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LEDA - Leadership Enterprise for a Diverse America
Each year, LEDA recruits 100 qualified high school juniors who show leadership potential but may lack the exposure and support needed to apply to selective colleges.
LEDA is a national, nonprofit organization dedicated to diversifying the national leadership pipeline by enabling high-achieving students from low-income backgrounds to gain admission to and succeed at our nation’s most selective colleges. By helping qualified students access these institutions, we seek to ensure that our nation’s leaders are truly reflective of its citizenry.
Apply Now — Deadline: December 12
Successful applicants must complete a rigorous, multi-tiered application process, mirroring the admissions process for highly selective colleges and universities.
To gain admission to the LEDA Scholars Program, students must complete a competitive application. The three-round process requires academic information and test scores, a personal statement and supplemental essay, a writing sample, biographical information, information on extracurricular activities, family financial information, and an interview for finalists.