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Gifted Information

The Bright Child:
1. Knows the answer
2. Has good ideas
3. Is in the top group
4. Learns with ease
5. Understands ideas
6. Grasps the meaning
7. Enjoys school
8. Pleased in own learning
9. Good memorizer
10. Absorbs information
11. Completes       assignments
12. Copies accurately
13. Works hard
14. Is interested
15. Is alert
16. Is a technician
The Gifted Learner
1. Asks the questions
2. Has wild, silly ideas
3. Is beyond the group
4. Already knows
5. Constructs
6. Draws conclusions
7. Enjoys learning
8. Highly self-critical
9. Good guesser
10. Manipulates information
11. Initiates projects
12. Creates a new design
13. Plays around yet test well
14. Is highly curious
15. Is keenly observant
16. Is an inventor
Adapted from Szabo, J: Challenge Magazine, 1989.
Gifted Defined
Gifted children thrive on challenge and innovation. They have special needs that must be met in order to help them cope with everyday life and to enable them to blossom to their highest potential. but even the experts have a variety of  definitions for the term "gifted". What exactly does the term "gifted" mean? Some would say, "All children are gifted.: It is true that all children are special, and all children have unique abilities and strengths. Giftedness does not mark a child in any tangible or visible way. It is not easy to pick out the gifted students in a classroom. A gifted child may not be the kind of student most people expect. He or she may not be a straight-A student. The gifted child is not always a hard worker and sometimes they may not be the very easy to be around.