Teacher and Students of the Month

Alice Grisham

Hickory Flat’s October teacher of the month is Alice Grisham. Mrs Alice is a Middle School special education teacher. She has been teaching a total of 25 years. This year will be her 24th year at Hickory Flat. When asked about what she likes best about teaching at Hickory Flat, Mrs Alice says, “The genuine concern for each other”. Something you probably don't know about Mrs Alice is that she and her husband Rex have four grandchildren. Mrs Alice's favorite quote is by Helen Keller, “The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched- they must be felt with the heart," Her favorite food is hamburgers. Her favorite movie and tv shows are The Wedding Planner and Hometown,  and her favorite song is “How Great Thou Art”. When we asked Mrs Alice what drove to become a teacher she said, “After having a child, I saw the importance of children's education and for the rest of the world.” Words of Wisdom that Mrs Alice wants to leave everyone with is “Don't let temporary pleasure lure you into a decision that would lead to a lifetime of pain or regret. Think before you act.”

High School

High school student of the month
October’s High school student of the month is Wyatt Reynolds. He is a freshman and is currently 14. Wyatt enjoys watching Flash and Avengers endgame. He also enjoys his favorite food, pizza. When Wyatt graduates he will pursue his career by attending college. Wyatt’s favorite school subject is math because it can be fun if you know how to do it. He states the best thing about Hickory Flat school is the teachers and students are very kind and comfortable to open up too. Congrats, Wyatt!!

Elem School

Jake Clifton
The elementary student for the month of October is Jerry Lawson. Jerry is five years old and in kindergarten. His favorite thing to do at school is to play on the playground. Jerry's favorite food is hot cheetos. Spongebob is his favorite T.V.show. He wants to be a doctor when He grows up. Congratulations to the elementary student of the month, Jerry Lawson!